GOT Winter is coming Guide 2020

What kind of game is Game of Thrones Winter is Coming?

      Game of Thrones Winter is Coming is a browser game developed by YOOZOO Games and officially licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and HBO.
     Join the battle in Game of Thrones Winter is Coming, Yoozoo's new real-time strategy browser game. Play the role of an ambitious Westeros lord, determined to save a land plagued by war and put a stop to the endless disputes between the Seven Kingdoms. This new strategy game has been built using the Unity engine and has beautifully rendered characters and scenery designed by renowned artists.
    Game of Thrones Winter is Coming has been designed to give players a balanced combination of strategy and roleplaying for a unique gameplay experience. Build your base, expand your territory, recruit characters from the show, train your army, and rewrite history.

How many languages does the game currently support?

       Game of Thrones Winter is Coming is currently available worldwide. The following 12 languages are available in addition to English: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish, Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, and Traditional Chinese. Players can switch languages in the top left corner of the game's screen.

Can I play Game of Thrones Winter is Coming on Facebook?

Yes. Players can play the game via the official site (GotGame) or on Facebook.

Which type of pack is most helpful for new players?

    The game has a variety of value packs for you to choose from. Among them, the Castle Upgrade Pack is extremely helpful for new players. Purchasing this pack will grant you several general, training, and research speed-up items as well as tons of resources to help you quickly increase your power.

How should I protect my castle?

      By choosing to use a Truce, you can protect your castle from other players' scouts and attacks for a limited time. You can also choose to hide your lord and soldiers in the Shelter so that even if your castle comes under attack, the soldiers and lord hiding within the Shelter won't receive damage. Additionally, you can submit an application for protection to your friends. After your friend becomes your protector, he or she can help you activate a Truce at any time or send reinforcements/activate a Truce when you're scouted or attacked.

Why did my Truce suddenly disappear?

A Truce will disappear under the following circumstances:
1. When your castle reaches level 9, the 24-hour shield provided for new players will automatically disappear.
2. When you initiate acts of war such as scouting, attacking, rallying, or reinforcing allies, your Truce will disappear. Please note that a Truce will disappear whenever you voluntarily initiate acts of war.
3. When your Castle is transferred to the Great City Restricted Area, your Truce will disappear

How do I obtain Diamonds?

1. You can obtain a reward of Diamonds the first time you join an Alliance.
2. There is a chance you'll receive Diamonds when you open the Alliance Chest on the Alliance Presents screen.
3. There is a chance you'll receive Diamonds when you open the Mysterious Chest on the Main Screen.
4. You can obtain Diamonds by participating in in-game events.
5. Purchase a pack in the Shop to obtained tons of Diamonds.
6. Players who place in the top 5,000 in the Fighting Pits ranking can obtain Diamonds.
7. You can gain more Diamond gains after saving your Diamonds in the Iron Bank for a certain time.
8. You can get Diamonds the first time you like the official Facebook page.
9. There's a chance you'll obtain Diamonds when you slay Rebel Leaders.
10. Download the mini client and experience the game to obtain Diamonds.
11. Fill out in-game surveys for a chance to obtain Diamonds.
12. Take part in social events for a chance to obtain Diamonds.

Diamond Item Pack

Respected Lords and Ladies, there are many Diamond Packs in our game. This means that many of the Diamonds you receive as rewards will not directly enter your Diamond balance. Instead, they will be put in your inventory as an item pack. Go to the Resources category in your Inventory to use the item packs you've obtained.

Can I trade my Diamonds and resources with other players?

The game does not support any trading of Diamonds and resources, but resources can be transported between allies.

How do I change my name?

There are two ways you can change your player name:
1. Tap the Inventory button on the game screen, then switch to the Diamond Shop. You can purchase the Rename Lord item under the Special tab.
After purchase, this item will be automatically placed into your Inventory. Tap the item's Use button, enter your new name, and tap the Confirm button to finish changing your name.
2. Tap the Avatar button on the upper left corner of the game screen, then tap the button to the right of your name. If you have a Rename Lord item in your Inventory, then you can start the renaming process directly. If you don't have one, then you can spend 500 Diamonds to purchase and use one.
Friendly reminder: Your player name is the same as your Castle name.

How do I gather resources?

You can find Gathering Sites on the kingdom map. Tap the Gather button to send soldiers to occupy the Gathering Site and start gathering. Your army will need time to finish gathering resources. After they finish gathering, you will receive a Gathering Report in your Mailbox, and your army will take the resources back to your territory. The higher the army's Capacity, the more resources they can bring back.

How do I get Lord EXP?
You can obtain Lord EXP through Weirwood Trials, using items that increase your Lord EXP, completing Story, Main and Alliance Quests, Territory and Army battles and slaying Rebel Leaders.

I can't log in to the game. It's displaying an error code. What should I do?

Please contact customer service for further help. We will solve your problem as soon as possible.

What is Stamina?
Weirwood Trials cost Stamina, which is recovered over time. You can use the Spirit of the Weirwood Tree to quickly recover Stamina.
Friendly reminder: When your Stamina reaches its maximum, it will not continue to increase.

What is Motivation?
Motivation is specifically used to slay Rebel Leaders. Slaying Rebel Leaders costs Motivation. Motivation will automatically recover over time, but you can also replenish it with relevant items.
Friendly reminder: Motivation has an upper limit. When using items to recover Motivation, be careful not to use too much and waste your items. You can raise your Motivation limit by researching at the Maester's Tower. Wearing Lord Equipment can also raise the Motivation limit.

What is Endurance?
Attacking strongholds occupied by rebel armies will cost Endurance. Endurance will automatically recover over time, but you can also replenish it with relevant items.
Friendly reminder: Once your Endurance reaches its maximum, it will not continue to increase.

What are Quests?
Story Quests can quickly immerse us in the game's world. Completing the Story Quests will unlock areas outside the city and grant tons of rewards.
Main Quests are development quests that the system has set up specifically for you. After completing the relevant quest, you can tap to claim the Territory Objective reward.
Alliance Quests are optional quests that take time to complete. Each round of quests will refresh one time every 6 hours.
VIP Quests can be completed by tapping the VIP Chest once every hour. The refresh time will be reset every day.

Under what circumstances will an Alliance be disbanded?
The Alliance will enter an automatic disband countdown (15 days) if it has less than 15 members. The system will alert the Alliance Leader to quickly add Alliance members and keep the Alliance from automatically disbanding due to insufficient members. If there still insufficient members after the 15-day countdown is over, then the Alliance will automatically disband.

What are the level caps for the Castle, Commanders, and Lord?
The highest level possible for the castle is Lv. 25. The highest levels for commanders and your main character are both Lv. 60.

What is the VIP System?
Every player is a VIP member in our game. The VIP system has 15 levels. Each level comes with different additional benefits and bonus effects (such as Resource Production speed-up, increased Resource Production, Marching Speed speed-up, automatic Hero's Adventure battles, increased Army Attack/Defense/Health etc.). A higher a VIP Level will help the player grow faster and grant a greater advantage in battle.
Friendly reminder: You can tap on the VIP button beside your character's title. After entering the VIP screen, you can freely scroll through the Privileges introduction to view the privileges VIPs can enjoy at each level.

How do I obtain VIP Points?
VIP Points can be obtained by logging in to the game every day. The more days you consecutively log in, the more VIP Points you'll be rewarded. You can also tap the Points Obtained button on the VIP screen to enter the purchase screen. There you can buy and use point items to increase your VIP level.
This is a faster method to increase your points.
Aside from this, you can also obtain VIP Points by completing quests, participating in events etc.

How do I increase my Power?
You can strengthen yourself by training soldiers, building, upgrading buildings, researching technology, constructing traps, completing quests, increasing your Lord Level, increasing rank and quality of Commanders, etc. When you upgrade buildings or select technology to research, you can see how much your Power will increase by once you finish the upgrade or research.

What is a Rally?
A Rally is when you launch an attack alongside your allies.
When initiating a Rally, the Initiator will select the Rally's wait time. Allies can join the Rally during the wait time. After the wait time concludes, the rallying army will launch an attack on the enemy.
You must have a Hall of War in order to initiate a Rally. The Rallied Magnitude will be determined by the level of the Initiator's Hall of War.
You cannot recall your army participating in the Rally once it departs. Only the Initiator can send a participating army back or disband the entire Rallied Army.

How do I increase my Marching Queues?
You will gain an additional Marching Queue when your Castle Level reaches Lv. 7, Lv. 13, Lv. 19 and Lv. 25.
You can also gain extra Marching Queues by completing related research.

How do I save coordinates?
Tap any point on the kingdom's World Map. In the pop-up window, tap the Save button to save the coordinates. You can view your saved coordinates by tapping on the Save button on the left side of the Kingdom Map screen.
Friendly reminder: The Save function will only save coordinates. It will not track and save things (Castles, Gathering Sites, Rebel Leaders etc.) on those coordinates.

How do I recruit a Commander?
Collect 10 of the same Commander Medal to recruit that Commander. Medals can be gained through Weirwood Trials, pack purchases, participating in or completing official scheduled or unscheduled events etc.

How do I strengthen a Commander?
You can increase a Commanders' Rank and unlock more Commander and Army Skills by increasing the Commander Level and collecting Spoils. Collect Medals to advance the Commander and improve their abilities and Army Skills.

What is the use of Commanders in battle?
Commanders are the army's generals who lead the charge and break through enemy lines. Commanders' Army Skills can grant all kinds of bonuses to Attack and Defense, and Commanders can also increase the number of soldiers brought on expeditions.

What is the difference between the equipment worn by the Lord and the Commanders?
The equipment worn by the Lord in the game will influence your overall attribute bonuses, while the equipment worn by a Commander (also known as Spoils) will only impact that specific Commander. Only by collecting all of the equipment for the current level can you increase a Commander's Rank.

What are the benefits of joining an Alliance?
Many of the game's events are based on Alliances. If you have not joined an Alliance prior to the start of an event, you will not be able to participate in some of the in-game events such as Rebel Camp Attacks, Castle Siege etc. After joining an Alliance, you can also obtain Alliance Presents and Alliance Coins from your Alliance.
These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. You'll discover many other benefits and ways to have fun after joining an Alliance!

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