Outstanding features of Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming

Epic epic world

     Set in the land of 7 Kingdoms and the throne of Power, Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming brings players back to medieval Europe, with strange people, creatures and legends that are still extremely attractive. guide.

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming là game chiến thuật thời gian thực đặc sắc

     As a sequel to the Game of Thrones game series, Winter is Coming is a story about the land of Westeros and the Lord of the Stark family. Not only helping stabilize his land politically but also developing it militarily and economically. At the same time, contributing to fighting, preventing the war for the throne between 7 Kingdoms.

    Wrapping up the air Game The kingship is the cold winter. The entire landscape, characters and terrain are designed by famous artists, allowing you to imagine the journey to the throne. Players will engage in a dangerous political scramble in a new strategic style - suitable for both new and hardcore gamers.

Real-time strategy game

      The unique and balanced combination of the SLG series and the RPG game gives Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming special and extremely impressive experiences.
     The task of the player is to play the lord of this land and build bases, expand the territory, search and recruit other generals under his command to train and lead troops to fight.

     The characters in this action game, whether they are warlords or lower generals, also own their own unique and unique skill sets. The more you recruit, the stronger your force will be. Players can equip their lords or increase the character's Talent points to become stronger.

Exciting gaming experience

     GTarcade Desktop is designed to give players the smoothest, most stable experience. Besides the online version for the browser, you can easily play Game of Thrones on your computer to enter the fierce battle of kingship. The ultimate goal is to prevent the war, return the inherent peace, unify the 7 kingdoms and rescue people.

     With extremely impressive 3D graphics, players can not only experience great images, but also show combat skills, military skills as well as upgrading the main castle and other buildings in the United Kingdom. nationality.

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